Cabbage – a cheap remedy for many ailments

It is best to eat cabbage raw or cooked briefly. For treatment purposes, use unsprayed home-grown or organically grown cabbage.

Raw cabbage, if eaten frequently, helps with anemia, insomnia, depression, and anxiety.

Boiled cabbage is an excellent remedy for spring detoxification and one of the best remedies against nervous tension, anxiety, weakness, and poor concentration.

Cabbage is rich in the anticancer compound sinigrin, which has unique properties against prostate, bowel, and bladder cancer.

It is also an excellent anti-inflammatory agent, so it helps with inflammatory diseases such as arthritis and rheumatism.

Cabbage juice mixed with honey is effective in lung diseases.

It cleans the airways, helps with asthma and bronchitis.

In the case of throat disease, it is recommended to gargle cabbage juice.

The medicinal effect of cabbage:

acts preventively against cancer
promotes weight loss
improves digestion
has anti-inflammatory properties
treats ulcers of the stomach and duodenum
strengthens immunity
clean organism
relieves depression and anxiety
improves concentration
helps with respiratory diseases

Cabbage juice against stomach ulcers

The use of cabbage against stomach ulcers is well known.

This is thanks to its ingredient sulforaphane, which eliminates H. pylori and at the same time protects the gastrointestinal tract from acid reflux.

It also contains glutamine, which is essential for stomach health. Studies have shown that it is a better anti-ulcer agent than standard antacids.

That cabbage juice really helps in the treatment of ulcers was shown by the experiment of prof. Dr. Garnett Cheyney of Stanford Medical School in the United States.

He found that 2.5 decilitres of cabbage juice a day reduced pain and cured stomach and duodenal ulcers faster and more effectively than standard treatments.

Of the 55 patients who drank cabbage juice in that experiment, 95% felt better in as little as two to five days.

Grate half a kilo of cabbage, salt and add the juice of one lemon, let it stand. Then strain.

Always drink freshly prepared juice.

For healing purposes, take three to four glasses of cabbage juice a day, half an hour before a meal.

You can also use cabbage juice for external hair care. It will make her stronger, prevent her from falling out, and encourage her growth.

Cabbage wraps

Cabbage wraps are an old folk remedy for treating various ailments.

It can be said that whatever bothers you – put a cabbage leaf on it.

Cabbage strongly removes pus from wounds and disinfects them, so it is often used for problematic wounds that heal slowly.

Remove the middle and veins from the cabbage leaves. Place the leaf in several layers on the affected area and lightly connect all the layers to stand firmly in place.

Change the dressing three times a day.

For purulent and difficult-to-heal wounds, disinfect the wound while changing the dressing.

In severe diseases, at the same time carry out an internal treatment with juice.

Cabbage wraps help with:

eczema and acne
ulcers, pimples, and rashes
swelling and frostbite
rheumatism and sciatica
renal colic

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