Reduce stress

Tips for dealing with stress

Lower your expectations and you will have fewer disappointments. Try to see perfection in everything and accept things as they are. So you can strain less and relax more.
Learn to say NO

The next time one of you asks you to do something, before the word “yes” goes over your lips, take a break, say you can’t answer right away, that you will get back to me. This technique gives you time to think. Now you can decide to say NO, calmly, politely, and kindly.
Don’t do multiple things at once

Slow down! If you are in a hurry, your heart is in a hurry! Make a list, prioritize your tasks, and work methodically toward your list. You need to enjoy what you do, not just the results of your efforts.
Stop trying to fall asleep

So many people go to bed with a desperate desire to fall asleep as soon as possible and then be frustrated because they stay awake. Stop fighting – you can’t fall asleep before you relax. Be thankful that you are warm, safe, and comfortable, may you be glad that your body is resting. Breathe deeply, slowly, lightly, and listen to your heart work calmly.
Laugh more! Opt for a good mood!

Laughter is very healing! The special chemicals that are released while laughing are the finest form of natural medicine. When a stressful day betrays you, make sure you are in a good mood in the evening! Watch a comedy or movie that you know will make you laugh, to neutralize the stress you have been exposed to.
Allow yourself to take a nap and don’t feel guilty about it

When your body is looking for rest, a little sleep will do wonders, but only if you don’t feel guilty about it.
Get some fresh air

Crowded offices, the buzz of computers, the demands of your superiors … Get on the air during your lunch break, sew a piece of greenery, flowers, take a walk through the garden center! Get lost in nature and feel your tension disappear, at least for a while.
Live in the present moment

The past is over, you can’t change it. The future is mysterious and seductive, but only if you are in dreams. What you need with you is now, so take advantage of it. Be creative and give everything you have to the present moment.

What you eat and drink can help or disrupt your body’s ability to cope with stress
Your body can function optimally only if you give the best fuel, which means a lot of fresh fruits, vegetables, and high-quality protein.
Bad food, too much sugar, fat, processed carbohydrates, and alcohol can have a negative impact on your ability to cope with stress, and can really intensify feelings of fatigue, irritability, and stress.
If you “carry” excess weight, it can cause a lot of stress in our bodies and in our daily lives
Valuable vitamins and minerals that are depleted during stressful periods can be “supplemented” by taking dietary supplements daily. It has become a necessary precaution recommended by most health professionals today.

Increase your resistance to stress

Vital vitamins and minerals

Physical and mental stress daily depletes the strength of your immune system, poor nutrition and environmental pollution expose the body to additional stress. Health experts recommend taking dietary supplements with vitamins and minerals on a daily basis, to replenish supplies in our “nutrition bank” and help the immune system. This is your first step in skincare.

Antioxidants that break down stress

Bad food, smoking, alcohol, and stress destroy valuable nutrients that the body normally uses for more important bodily processes and neutralizing free radical activity. Replenish the stocks in your body every day …

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